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Dance Floor


Available in Wood, we have the dance floor that will meet the aesthetics of your wedding or special event.


When calculating the dance floor size required for your specific wedding or event, a general rule of thumb is to estimate that roughly 33% of the total guest count will be dancing at any given time. Due to this, you will need a dance floor large enough to accommodate 33% of the guests. Once 33% of total guest count is calculated, multiply that number by 4 sq. ft., which is the space a typical dancer will require.


For example, if you are having (100) guests attend your wedding or event, you will only need a dance floor for about (33) guests since only (33) guests will be dancing at any given time. Therefore, you will need 33 x 4 sq ft = 132 sq feet of dance floor space. With the available dance floor sizes, it seems a 12’ x 12’ dance floor would be ideal for this guest count.

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Decking/ Flooring


Decking can be the perfect solution to adding a floor on top of dirt, grass, sand or any somewhat level surface you may not want your guests walking on. 

Decking is comprised of 2"x6" beams with 3/4" plywood flooring and then dressed with an astroturf/carpet top or painted black.

Pro Party Rentals is an experienced floor construction company. We have completed many different kinds of deck flooring from hardwood floored events to premium Broadway scenic style dance floors used by the professionals.

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